Introduction to Programming with Python


Dr. Fatih Karabiber




This course is designed to teach the basics of coding using Python. Students will learn to master computers by writing code. Python is one of the most in-demand in the programming world today and even in the future. The course has no prerequisites and no prior knowledge of coding is required. Once you have the basics, you can write simple programs using Python. By the end of the course, you will be able to develop programs or games and apply your knowledge to solve more complex computer problems. 

Python is a scripting language used by many professionals, including scientists and engineers. It is a great choice for kids starting their coding journey. Since coding improves creative thinking, it helps you overcome the problems and difficulties you encounter in life. Students will have excellent life skills.

Learning Outcomes:

In this course, students will learn:

  • Basics of computers and programming
  • Introduction to Coding using Python
  • Variables, basic data structures
  • Loop, if statement, function
  • Draw shapes and develop animations with Turtle. 
  • Create games and real-world application

Course Timeline:

  • Have a laptop or desktop computer PC, Mac, or Linux)
  • Stable internet connection for the live class
  • No prior programming experience needed.
  • Fluency in English to be able to understand instructions.


The course notes will be provided. Extra resources can be used optionally. Some sample textbooks and resources are given below.

  • Students:
  • Duration:
    1h 45min
  • Level:
  • Lectures:
  • Quizzes:
  • Assignment: